What is JCI?


Junior Chamber International (JCI)’s Mission is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change

Make Friends Globally

Forge international links and make friends with people from other countries and cultures, you will help create a better understanding about the challenges that face us all today.

Create Social Impact

Community spirit in JCI doesn’t stop at a local level; many national and international projects take place each year. JCI is an official partner of the United Nations and supports the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Personal Development

Being able to create greater impact requires skills in public speaking, project management, fund raising, marketing and public relations, chairmanship, leadership and entrepreneurial thinking. JCI members commit to a lifetime of becoming better.

Economic Empowerment

JCI achieves it’s goals of impacting the community through a tripartite partnership with government, civil society and businesses. Entrepreneurs form a critical part of the partnership. JCI members engage the business community via seminars, workshops and networking.

Creating Impact in the Community

The Active Citizen Framework is a roadmap to finding sustainable solutions to challenges facing communities around the world. By identifying root causes of problems, building partnerships across civil, government and business sectors, developing an effective plan to take concrete action, and evaluating your impact, we believe everyone can create positive change. It involves 5 Steps: