Frequently Asked Question
What is Junior Chamber International (JCI) ?
JCI is a nonprofit organization of young active citizens age 18 to 40 who are engaged and committed to creating impact in their communities. Active citizens are individuals invested in the future of our world.JCI gathers active citizens from all sectors of society.
What does JCI do?
JCI creates platform for young entrepreneurs and leaders to provide sustainable and positive solutions everyday in their community, focusing on 4 areas of opportunities namely Individual, Business, Community and International.
How to join JCI MCE?

As long as you are age between 18 to 40 years old, you may click here to fill up the online form and bank in the membership fees to us. We will review your application by our next BOD meeting. After endorsed by BOD, you are officially be JCI MCE Provisional member. After 6 months provisional, if you completed the requirement, in the next BOD meeting will approve your application as official member  

How much of the membership fees?
JCI membership fees are various subject to different local chapters. In JCI MCE, our ordinary membership fees is RM280 yearly
What you do with the membership fees collected?
We are a chapter affiliated to JCI Malaysia. For each member, we have to pay a certain amount to JCI. The rest of the fund will be using as development fund for JCI MCE’s member.
What can I gain by joining JCI?
You may get a huge international network of young active citizen by joining us. And we provide multiple areas of development such as individual improvement courses, sustainable community project, expand your business network and etc.
How long that JCI MCE existed?
JCI MCE has existed since 2010 in Malaysia. We keep creating positive change among our community together with other JCI chapters.
How to contact with JCI MCE?
You may drop us an email by contact or you could text us on Facebook page.
Can I donate instead of joining as member?
Yes, you may donate funds / services / goods to us, we are grateful for that. But there will be more impact if you could join us and create positive change together.
Contact JCI MCE

Get in touch with JCI Malacca City Entrepreneur to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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